Health and Happiness is our Mission

Our mission at Piper + Enza is to support children and their families with the inevitable bumps and bruises of growing up, shifting the narrative from a place of fear to one of healing, knowledge and celebration.

Using therapeutic stories, tools, toys, and resources developed in collaboration with early childhood educators, child life experts, pediatricians, and child psychologists, we want to give families strategies to navigate through the fears and unknowns of growing up and instead, support them in embracing the journey.

Our story

Like millions of other parents around the world, the Covid pandemic threw me for a complete loop. I began seeking resources that would support me in guiding my two young daughters through this strange and scary time—anything that could help frame the conversation or give me the right words to say to make this situation easier for my kids to understand.

This search brought with it a realization that for so many families, perhaps those with a sick child or parent, these conversations have to happen all the time. And because kids think about things so differently than we do – isolating with my kids for more than a year made that fact abundantly clear – the words we use (and don’t use) matter when helping shape their perception.

Piper + Enza wants to help kids and their families center on the good when faced with challenges, and to focus on the light as they are moving through the tunnel. Join us.

– Rita Ho-Bezzola, Founder