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How Rita Ho-Bezzola Is Helping Parents Speak to Their Children About Essential Healthcare

We spoke with Rita about the origins of Piper + Enza, her entrepreneurial journey, and her proudest accomplishment so far.


Inspiring Conversations with Rita Ho-Bezzola of Piper + Enza

Today we’d like to introduce you to Rita Ho-Bezzola. 


Preparing your child — and yourself — for a doctor’s appointment

Medical professionals share tips on how guardians and kids can prepare for a doctor’s visit or medical treatment to ensure a positive care experience.


Reducing medical trauma in kids is straightforward. So why aren’t we doing it?

An expert shares how to make your kids feel more safe and comfortable with medical professionals.

Super Mamas

Tools for Supporting Our Child When They’re Sick

Winter is upon us, and we all know it’s the season of colds and flus! On this episode of Super Mamás, we talk with founder of Piper and Enza, Rita Bezzola, about getting and giving emotional support to ourselves and family during those challenging sick days. Join us to find out some very useful tools to keep our children from having a traumatic experience in the doctor’s office, and establishing trust with our little ones.


The Difference Between Needles and Noodles

In this picture book, a group of children helps a friend overcome her fear of an upcoming vaccination. Through humorous storytelling and visuals, Ingels and illustrator Ballesteros approach a child’s dread of shots at the doctor’s office by demystifying the scary word needle.

The Children Book Review

The Running of the Noses

There are a lot of books for kids about snot, but not so many that combine humor, instruction, and great storytelling the way Running of the Noses does.

The Difference Between Needles and Noodles

From the author-illustrator team that gave us Running of the Noses comes another fun and funny Piper story to help readers overcome their medical anxieties. The story validates the anxiety many kids (and adults!) may have about needles and injections but also seeks to reassure and alleviate those fears.

Child Life on Call

A Covid-19 Inspired Health and Happiness Company for Kids

On todays episode, we learn how Covid-19 inspired CEO+ Founder of Piper+ Enza, Rita Ho-Bezzola, to create a health and happiness company for kids. Rita shares the inspiration behind Piper + Enza and how her goal is to make common health experiences positive for children and parents. You will not want to miss this episode!

Taraneh’s Story: A Son with Cleft Palate

My guest this week is Taraneh, sharing her story about having a son with cleft palate.

Word of Mom

Rita Bezzola, Founder of Piper+Enza, on Healthy Habits

Rita Bezzola is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and mother of two striving to contribute to the well-being of the next generation. In 2020, she founded Piper + Enza, a health and happiness company, here to support kids and their families through life’s health and wellness experiences and move them from a place of anxiety to one of confidence.