Free Downloads – For Kids!

Check out these awesome free resources for Piper + Enza kids!


Big Book for Kids: Printable Inserts

The Big Book for Kids is anything your kid wants it to be, and can be used to support any experience your kid is going through. We’ve created these templates that you can print out, cut, paste, and stick into the journals as additional tools your kiddo can use to share their stories and process their feelings. Check them out!


Piper + Enza Activity Book: Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is here, and so is winter break. Keep your kiddos occupied on those long days off with our new activity book, featuring coloring pages, paper snowflakes and puppets, and some fun mindfulness exercises.


Piper + Enza Activity Book: Thanksgiving!

What are you grateful for this year? To help pass the time on Thanksgiving week and to give your kids the opportunity to reflect on what they are grateful for, we put together a little book filled with coloring pages, puzzles, cut-out activities, and more. Lots of gourd fun to be had. Download it now!


Piper + Enza Activity Book: Needles & Noodles

A fun activity book inspired by our book “The Difference between Needles and Noodles” to help prepare you and your child for an upcoming needle appointment! Filled with strategies, activities and coping prompts, this activity guide will give you and your family the tools and language to talk about everything needle (and maybe work up an appetite for noodles, too)!


Piper + Enza Activity Book: Día de los Muertos

Download our free Día de los Muertos coloring pages to help teach your kid more about this holiday!

During Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), families make altars to honor their ancestors and remember their loved ones who have died. Traditional ofrendas (offerings) include food and drink, flowers like marigolds, velas (candles), and papel picado (decorative cut papers). Families also place photos of their loved ones along with some of their favorite things to welcome them back from the afterlife. Some also paint their faces with skull makeup, a time honored tradition that celebrates our loved ones who have passed away.


Piper + Enza Activity Book: The Snot Edition

Noses running and head stuffy? Download this fun activity book, pass some time when you’re stuck in bed and learn all about snot! Runny noses are an inevitable part of life, but they will soon pass! Hang in there!