The Big Book for Kids

Introducing our connection journal: The Big Book For Kids (and stuff)!

Our Kickstarter-funded Big Book for Kids is a connection journal designed for children to express their feelings through drawings, stickers, and art. Intentionally designed with minimal prompts, we created a journal that is meant to foster understanding and connection between children and caretakers— rather than lectures and lessons.

Set aside 10 minutes a day, sit with your child and reflect on your day together. Allow their imagination to spark and lead your conversations. You will be pleasantly surprised by the insights this simple journal can provide.

Happy journaling!

“As a therapist and parenting coach, I encourage positive self-expression skills as a way to deepen parent-child connection. The Big Book for Kids will do exactly that.

It incorporates quality one-on-one time when a parent and a child have the ability to interact and engage in an experience that will continue to foster the child’s emotional well-being.

It gives a sense of control and ownership for the child to choose how, when, and what they want to express for themselves.”

– Dr. Mary Goodarzi, Psy.D, Child Psychologist